Coronavirus Lockdown

We hope you’re all keeping well 😊

We are still unsure of when we will safely be able to reopen our doors, in the meantime here are a few pointers to help look after your hair, skin, nails, brows etc while we remain closed.

– Where possible, refrain from using heat treatments on your hair, give your hair a break from hair dryers, straighteners etc.
– Try a hair mask or leave your conditioner in for longer to give your hair some extra nourishment.
– If you’re finding your hair is out of shape and getting in your way, try using grips to pin bits back, also plaits or twists.
– Try to refrain from scraping your hair back and tying  it tightly, this will cause breakage.

– Now is the time to give your skin a break from make up or use minimal amounts. Perhaps instead use a tinted moisturiser, for example.
– Moisturise in the morning after cleansing and use a night cream if required.
– As we’ve been having some wonderful sunshine, please make sure you’re using sun protection on your skin. Most daily moisturisers contain SPF but it’s worth checking and you might need a higher strength.
– Perhaps try a hydrating face mask, this type of mask is generally suitable for all skin types. However if you’ve got sensitive skin it’s worth doing a patch test just to make sure.

– Use nails oils and hand/nail creams as much as possible, all the extra hand washing is bound to cause irritation and dryness, so this will help.
– Rub coconut or almond oil into the base of your nails and cuticles.
– Keep nails short to limit breakages, it’s best to use a emery board rather than nail clippers or scissors .
– Nail strengtheners are good, it’ll add a barrier to your nails to help protect them.
– Wear gardening gloves and rubber gloves when possible.

I know lots of you are going to be struggling with your brows, my advice would be to let them grow!
– Use this time to help thicken them, use tweezers to remove the obvious ones but don’t go to close to your shape.
– If you’re used to having a tint, use a brow pencil instead, keep the point of the pencil sharp and use small strokes to create your desired shape.
– Trimming your brows yourself isn’t easy – try to avoid! But if you really have to… comb brows upwards, use small scissors  and just trim the ends and don’t take them too short!

We hope you find this information helpful, if you have any questions please feel free to message us, or send an email to we’re still here for you!

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Best wishes to you all xxx